2010. január 3., vasárnap

I have a very, very good feeling

...about my metabolism. It was really good before i started this job but after a few months on the 8hour-sitting routine even a piece of chips started to go on my ass immediately after eating. Since i work out frequently it has improved but didnt get back to how it was. For a few days now though i somehow sense a difference. Could it be because of the muscle training? I doubt. Tho it does promise it, ive only done it a few times yet. I suspect the Karnitin shots that ive been taking with every trining since the first try. But fact is, my body had started hardening, i can feel it every day. Its not a huge change obviously but i can sense it which means it exists. So i suppose i will keep taking the shots and working out and see where it takes me.

Today i didnt get to the gym tho but soon. I also wish i had the new Women's Health, its really the best fitness mag i ever read and i did read a few. But ill have to wait until february to get my hands on a new edition which is when we go to the US again, Texas and NM this time. If im there i will most likely buy myself a pair of Saucony joggers too.

Oh, and most important news:
I registered for the LH Halfmarathon! Now there is no way back :) Virginijus is also coming. It ought to be fun!!

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