2011. május 23., hétfő

Marathon training - WEEK 11

If i was still going to the Marathon on the 16th, i would have taken it easier, but as i knew i wouldn't i wanted to stay in shape in case i catch another one a few weeks later. But i didn't do a real long run, just a 19-er with an hour break in the middle of it. I did plan at one point to do the marathon on the treadmill never the less, but after last weeks 32 i knew i would really need the race-adrenalin and the crowd so i dont give up at 36. I hope i can find another one still this year that i can really attend and then the prep will be easier as i already went through it once.

1.5 - 7.5    Planned 29 km - done 39,2 km
01 SUN Pause / Alternativ training
02 MON langer Lauf Dist: 12.8 km in 5:34 min/km
19 km in 1h34:30min. To Domi's work (for lunchbreak) thru Turany and then back until Olympia. (12 plus 7)
03 TUE Pause / Alternativ training
04 WED leichter Lauf Dist: 8 km in 5:34 min/km
6.6 km in 32min. Home from work but took the bus from Hnevkovskeho to Popelova which is why its only 6.6. I wouldnt have, except i was really running out of time. Very hot weather.
05 THU Pause / Alternativ training
06 FRI Tempo-dauerlauf Dist: 8 km, inkl. Aufwärmen; 4.8 km in 4:39 min/km; Auslaufen
13.6 km incl 1.1 warmup, 12km race in MUC, 0,5 km afterwards walking.
07 SAT Pause / Alternativ training

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