2011. május 28., szombat

week 21 - 15-21MAY

Weekly totals:
RUNS: 38.65 km
CARDIO: 20 min intervalls spinning

First week after the marathon training is over, and i just kept the rythm i got into during those 12 weeks. ALso i did the Beh Pro Zivot with Lelle which was a long torture and we even got soaking wet but i believe it was worth it (for getting her used to physical challenges and for motivation).

3.7km in 18min. From work to Avion for the Beh Pro Zivot. Nothing special except for a bit of a belly ache. Fast run.
5km in 1:08h. Walking the Beh pro Zivot with Lelle, with a km running included with Lelle on my shoulders.

20MAY   06:15AM (before work)
8.7km in 42min. Interval training 6am in the gym: pyramid for the 1st time. 200-400-600-800(14km/h)-600-400-200 at 15km/h, with 200m breaks between at 10km/h. Warmup and cooldown each 2000m. 10 min intervals on the bike. Then a bit of workout on the core.

10 min of belly workout (BBP)

18MAY   12:00AM
12.5km in 1h. 5 km at 12km/h, intervals as usual: 5 x 3 min run/1min jog (14.5-15-14.5-15-14.5, 10), then rounded it up to 1 hour at a comfortable speed. 10 min bike intervals, 30 min weights workout (whole body, all exercises i ever do, even the rediculous bottom strengthening backward leg-pushes)

tennis with Kasia! 1h

16 MAY   22:45PM
8.75km in 43min. Turany-Popelova round the other way around, not too bad just a little tired i guess. Weather was coldish too.

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