2011. június 1., szerda

week 22 - 22-28MAY

I bounced back from last weeks extreme activity by being a little lazy this week... First half of the week i still went for 2 runs, one of them being a long one, but then i just somehow chilled out and didn't run any more. On thursday tho i got my bike back from the garage where they fixed it after years of rusting in the storage!! Little had to be fixed on it to make it rideable but its gonna be a long way until it is fancy again :) But i dont mind, im just so happy to have it back!! So the plan is to ride the bike to work from now on, except for the days when i run to work. I am hoping that the extra exercise i get this way would suffice for a breakthru in my stalling process of weightloss. Its not like im fat any more yet i see myself losing another 3-5 kg before im gonna be completely happy with my body. Now, there is no rush - i came a long way since April 2009 and i know by now that patience pays off. Also im happy as it is, im not any more ashamed of my body, but i now aim at perfection :) I obviously mean perfection in the limits of my possiblities ;) but it does not hurt to strive for more. And to be perfectly honest, ive been slacking off lately a bit on my healthy eating, as in: i eat healthy as before but i snack more inbetween. I want to put a stop to that too, but i yet have to figure out how else to satisfy my basic energy needs which are obviously a lot higher than before. My metabolism is running at a more efficient and faster pace too so i dont need to eat all that more, but sometimes i find it very difficult to stay hungry as my hunger isnt imaginary: my body often runs on a negative calory-total, as in, say, i breakfast a 1000kcal, than digest for 2 hours and go for a long run, burn off 1600 kcal and grab a protein shake for 80kcal and then the next meal is supposed to be lunch at 16PM? And i still refuse to carbo-load in the evening, even the sound of it makes me wanna puke.
So anyway, here is how my lazy week looked like:

RUN: 31.5km
BIKE: 1 h
WORKOUT: 20 min upper body

27 FRI   4:25AM
to work with the bike and back: appr. 18km, 1h (30 mins each way)

25 WED 11:15AM
23km in 2:00 hours. Casual speed (11.5-11.6) until the last 4 k which i sped up to 12.5 to 15 in the end. Then a good 15-20 min workout (only upper body, for obvious reasons :))

23 MON 
8.5km in 42:30. One regular Turany-Popelova round in sunny, a bit too warm weather. But it felt great!
Afterwards i went to play tennis with Kas again! 1 hour but not too intensive this time.

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