2009. december 26., szombat

before xmas

18.12. 15:00
Lady Fitness Budapest
Being home for a few days, i had limited choices on where to workout. I decided on this old crappy gym for the sake of convenience and i didnt have to regret it! Tho only one treadmill and a crappy one at that, it was available right away and due to very little heating in the room the temperature was ideal for running. Much better than in my gym. I only realized this tho around 5 km where i was still zero sweaty and felt like i just did my first km (practically like i didnt run any).
I could only do 9.2 km tho because i had a very tight schedule and since the treadmill broke down twice i cant tell the exact time, appr. 45-50 min.

21.12. 19:00
Back in Union Brno
My gym finally got new treadmills! They expand the area too and its already loads nicer. Being done with present shopping and the likes, i took time for a real workout. 1:20 on the treadmill, covering 14 km total. 5000m @ 26:58, 10000m @ 56:00.
Then :40m workout, mostly belly and legs. I even showered with cold afterwards since there was no warm water any more :) A taugh one altogether, resulting in a bit of leg-soreness the following days.

Then the 22nd i went off to Bocholt so no workout until today.

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