2009. december 14., hétfő


3/12, noon
45 minutes on the treadmill (8.4km) with tempo changes. lots of workout (chiefly stomach and legs) and steps to balance.

The following days were a big chaos because of the traveling i was going to do and work so i didnt make it to the gym at all. Its always very frustrating when i have to miss out on numerous days in a row cause my body cries for the exercise but well.

9/12, 6:00AM
50 min around the town Bocholt, very cold. Also taugh to wake up but it was worth it :) Unfortunately i can only guess the distance, appr. 8.5-9 km.

3 days in New York and 1 spent traveling, again no exercise. I meant to go out to Central Park (would have been THE place to jog) but it was insanely cold and i couldnt work up the courage because i was pretty jetlagged too. I got home and started with nightshifts at work so i had to skip one more day.

13/12 7:00PM
(1 karnitin shot before training - this is an experiment at fatburning)
60 min on the treadmill:
200m warmup at 10km/h
starting at 200m with 10.6 and raising the speed with one tenth a km/h every 300m, to 3200 (11.5km/h)
from 3200 to 5000 by the hundreds: 14-10-12-10 blocks.
5000m in 27:10.
Starting at 11.5km/h, down to 10.6 by the 300-s (same as up). Then 2X 800 at 11 or so, with 200m walks after each. Some more jogging round 10km/h to cool down with and reach the hour limit. Ttl 10300m. Unfortunately no time left for workout.

14/12 7:00PM
(again a karnitin shot straight before)
52 min on the treadmill
200m warmup at 10km/h
starting at 200m with 10.7km/h and raising the speed with 0.2 km/h every 600m, up to 3200m (11.5km/h)
same blocks of 100m-s at 14-10-12-10 up to 5000m: 26.67.
Backwards from 11.5 by the 300-s, slowing 0.1km/h by each.
8100m in about 45m, then 200m walk and 700 sprint at 12km/h up to 9000m, some more jogging and walking to cool down. TTL 9200m. Basic belly workout.

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