2009. december 3., csütörtök



a bit about me. I am a former basketball player and thriathlete, but i stopped practicing sports professionally at 17 as i needed time for my studies (or so i reasoned to myself - truth is, i kinda burnt out). I spent the next 7 years with various destructive activities such as college life or nonstop shiftwork, with only occasional flare-ups in the gym, resulting in an overall rather crappy physical condition. This spring i decided it was time to get back on track as i missed my sports terribly. I started jogging around the block, then moved to the gym when i thought i could show myself in workout clothing among people :) Ive trained through the summer and september found me doing 10-15 km twice-4 times a week on the treadmill. I was in a comparable condition last time in 2004.

I decided i would start attending events just for fun and see if i still like that. For a warmup i did the K&H Nightrun in Budapest in October, 6.5 km in 33:35 which i considered a success. I then meant to participate in the Hamburg Airportlauf but it sold out before i could have registered. So i decided to aim at my first half-marathon and picked the Balaton Maraton in Siófok, HU which had different challenges. Considering that i never ran more than 17 km without stopping (i did that on the treadmill in november to see) i opted for the safe way and registered for the "half marathon in 2 parts: 14 + 7km. I broke a personal record once more by sticking on a guy a category faster than i normally would have been :) My times were 34:42 and 34:43 on the first two 7km rounds which put me on the 4th position among the women. A few hours later i got my will together once again and made the 7km in 33:32 and finished at the 3rd place. Seeing how this was an amateur challenge i didnt get any recognition but i dont think ive felt such happyness over any achievment in a long time.

Still, i cant claim to have run an actual half marathon in one which is something i intend to help as soon as i find a suitable race :)

My plan is to keep training twice, 3 times a week during the winter and intensify it a little in february so as to be in top shape for the Lufthansa Halbmaraton on the 14th of March 2010. I will then do the Munchen and Hamburg Airport Races, the JP corporate run in LH colours, the Seeheim Training Centre Run and anything else LH and or aviation related. Im also considering the Vienna and Prague halfmarathons as they are quite close to me and would provide excellent additions to my 2010 calendar :)

I intend to post a small blog about all my trainings and of course events, mainly for myself to be able to monitor any improvement or setback. However i would be very happy to meet some fellow runners and perhaps if im lucky fellow lufthanseat-s too and discuss or exchange tips. So please feel free to leave a comment if you feel like :)

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